Asset Valuations & Assessments

Why do companies, their lenders and professional advisors rely on for answers to their asset valuation questions? In a word: Experience! Our asset valuation services platform is an integrated compendium of specialty practices, each with focused and deep experience in one or more tangible or intangible asset categories.

Reliability is another reason why has become the upcoming largest asset valuation company of its kind in the world. We are international in scope and staffed to respond quickly regardless of where assets are located. has delivered thousands of asset valuations annually ranging in size and complexity from a single asset in one location to assignments involving millions of assets in scores of locations around the world. has managed asset valuation engagements believed to be among the largest in history.

All areas coverage:

  • Land, Building & Civil Constructions
  • Plant, Machinery & Equipments
  • Commodities & Stocks / Surveys
  • Team of well experienced engineers
  • Well rounded Industry knowledge and historical archive
  • Across country presence
  • Robust stock inspection, verification and asset verification and assessment processes
  • Online reporting, file management and customized archive
  • Expert command over land, building, civil construction, plant, machinery, stocks and project valuations

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